Nia Vardalos Does It Again

Nia Vardalos Does It AgainNia Vardalos does it again with her sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. A genius writer and talented actress, Nia entertains us again on the big screen giving us a glimpse into her Greek heritage for the second time and we love her for that. My Big Greek Wedding 2 takes us on an adventure with Toula's daughter's senior high school year and college decision. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is still holding strong at the box office and plans to do just...Read full story
Nia Vardalos Writes Sequel

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Nia Vardalos Writes SequelNia Vardalos became famous from her well written script and starring role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding the movie discovered by now close friends, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks when it was just a play.   My Big Fat Greek Wedding began as a one-woman play from Vardalos that told of her life growing up in a Greek household in Winnipeg and then marrying a non-Greek. Rita Wilson, who is half-Greek, saw the L.A. play and brought it to the attention of husband Tom Hanks. Read full story
Nia Vardalos Helps Get Kids Adopted

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Nia Vardalos Helps Get Kids AdoptedI grew up in Michigan and downtown Detroit's Greektown strip was the hotspot for drive-bys and food each and every summer. Then My Big Fat Greek Wedding came along, an amazingly fun and real movie centered around Nia Vardalos' Greek culture and heritage. Nia Vardalos' talent extends far beyond My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Nia keeps writing successful movies and is now a bestselling author, wife, mother and spokesperson for national adoption. Her bestselling book Instant Mom tells the detailed story of Nia's journey and road to Hollywood success as an actress, writer, wife and mother. Nia and...Read full story
Nia Vardalos an “Instant Mom”

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Nia Vardalos an “Instant Mom”Nia Vardalos doesn't just make a difference as a talented actress, writer, wife and mother best known for My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She is also an advocate for adoption in the United States. And now her latest project as author of Instant Mom Nia shares the intimate details of her personal story and road to becoming a Mom. In Instant Mom, Nia shares the terrifying joys of parenthood and for the first time reveals her stubborn optimism and perseverance on her trek to finally becoming a mom, instantly. We can't wait for Nia's new book, Instant Mom to...Read full story
Nia Vardalos’ Busy Summer!

Nia Vardalos’ Busy Summer!You probably remember Nia Vardalos from the very beginning, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Since, Nia has worked on several big writing projects with Tom Hanks, the person who helped launched Nia's career and many on her own. Nia has several exciting summer projects in the works. She will star in 33 Liberty Lane, a romantic comedy about four friends- Nia Vardalos, Sandra Oh, Emily Watson and Melora Hardin, who set up a phone-sex company. Nia is also currently writing and executive producing a workplace comedy that will she will also star in for ABC Studios. One of...Read full story
Nia and Ian Together Again

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Nia Vardalos and husband Ian Gomez were in The Grove yesterday to talk candidly with Extra host Mario Lopez about her upcoming appearance tonight on Cougar Town. Nia is best known for her huge hit movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" but what you...Read full story
Nia Vardalos “Beauty in Blue”

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Nia Vardalos attended the 68th Annual Golden Globes HBO after party last night in Beverly Hills. A Greek girl from Canada discovered by Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. Nia is multi-talented a screenwriter, director, producer, actress and spokesperson for National Adoption Day. Nia's latest film project Larry Crowne is due out in July. You can follow Nia on Twitter at Read full story
Nia Vardalos, National Adoption Day

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Nia Vardalos participated in the 10th annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway last night in NYC. Nia had a busy day ahead with her press tour today. Nia is the spokesperson for National Adoption Day with her own personal story of adoption. National Adoption Day is November 20th and is a national day of celebration of adoptive families and...Read full story