“Damon Claus” Spreads Holiday Cheer

Matt Damon is getting into the holiday spirit to promote clean water for his charity Water.org. The actor has created an amusing two-minute video that features Damon playing a mall Santa, who tries to convince some adorable kids the best gift this year would be a limited edition Water.org water bottle.

Unfortunately for “Damon Claus,” most of the kids weren’t convinced a water bottle is this year’s “must-have” item on their wish list. So the “Bourne Identity” actor tries to change their minds.

“If you were stranded in the desert what would you rather have? This water bottle or Justin Bieber?” Damon asks a little girl, who asked for the pop star earlier in the video. She smiles and answers “Justin Bieber.”

Damon then tells the children he’s friends with Matt Damon and can get them an autograph bottle, but none of them had heard of the award-winning star. One little boy responded to the offer by asking, “Who’s Matt David?”

Eventually, he manages to persuade a girl to add a Water.org water bottle to her wish list. Sadly for Damon, the girl wasn’t impressed by his star power. “I’ll just take the water bottle” she told him. To watch the video go to http://tinyurl.com/72nevde.

Matt Damon’s new movie “We Bought a Zoo” comes out this Friday in theaters. 

Did you know…

You can order the limited edition Water.org water bottle at www.Water.org/gift

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