Rumer Willis Debuts New Film

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Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has proven once again that she is an actress standing all on her own. Last night Rumer premiered her latest film “The Diary of Preston Plummer” at the Miami Film Festival and stopped by to talk with our own “Positive Only” celebrity news site.

When I interviewed Rumer she was delightful and passionate about her new role and after watching the movie I can see why.  The ups and downs and depth of her character really allow her true acting ability to shine through. 

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“The Diary of Preston Plummer” is written and directed by Sean Ackerman, a guy with a vision and a film inside him as he described. The interesting part is Sean is just finishing his residency to be a doctor and this is his first film. When asked how he will work film into his medical career, his answer stop and do a film every 5 years.

Trevor Morgan plays Preston Plummer and Rumer Willis’s onscreen boyfriend. Robert Loggia plays the grandfather who misses the chance to reconnect with his granddaughter Kate.

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