Matt Damon Stands Up 2 Cancer

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Matt Damon Stands up 2 Cancer at Shine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Matt Damon took the stage opening the Stand Up to Cancer hour long benefit last night and proudly stood up to cancer in honor of his Dad – Kent who is a cancer survivor. Matt’s Dad was diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

Standing Up to Cancer next to Matt was Michael Douglas who is a throat cancer survivor. Gwyneth Paltrow also took the stage in honor of her Dad-Bruce who she said was the love of her life and who she lost to throat cancer 10 years ago. And Gwyneth’s husband Chris Martin of Coldplay appeared on the big screen from his world tour and dedicated Paradise to Stand Up to Cancer. Julia Roberts was another A list celebrity who take the stage standing up to cancer in honor of her Dad-Walter who died of cancer when Julia was just 10 years old.

I lost my Dad-Robert Goedde to lung cancer 13 years ago this year in November.

Stand Up to Cancer was an hour long show televised on all of the major networks with celebrities speaking and taking calls to raise money for cancer research to find a cure. There is still time to make a donation at

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