The Old Man Makes a Splash

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The Old Man Makes a Splash

“The Old Man” makes a splash in time for summer. Just when you thought there was nothing left to watch on television, a new must see show appears. The Old Man series premiered on the FX network June 16th just in time for summer and definitely delivers with its cast of celebrity superstars leading with Jeff Bridges, Amy Brenneman and John Lithgow. The first episode eases you in and slowly unravels the plot. Each episode pulls you in a little further, with just four episodes out…Read full story

Amy Brenneman’s Inspiring Story

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We know Amy Brenneman as Violet on ABC’s “Private Practice.” Before that as “Judging Amy” a show she not only starred in but created and produced based on her mother’s work as a Juvenile Court Judge in Connecticut. And before that Amy starred on NYPD Blue where she met now husband Brad Silberling, a successful film director and they have two children. Unfortunately Amy suffered with a medical condition forcing her to have surgery earlier this year in January…Read full story