Ashton & Demi, “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attended the premiere last night in Hollywood, California for “Killers.” Holding a sign saying “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls!!” The message is aimed at men who use sex trade and sex slavery for young girls. Earlier this year Ashton and Demi started the DNA Foundation with a mission to end sex slavery and sex trading of women and children globally. The most vulnerable…Read full story

Katherine Heigl in NYC

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Katherine Heigl was in New York city to promote her new movie “Killers.” Katherine appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. The movie is a comedy/drama and also stars Ashton Kutcher. Katherine Heigl decided this would be her last season on “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show that launched her career to pursue the big screen. Katherine and husband Josh Kelley adopted a 9 month old baby girl named Naleigh from Korea last September. Katherine keeps busy being mommy to…Read full story