Kim GoeddeKim Goedde, Founder of Kimz Hollywood List has an extensive background in doing “GOOD stuff” through her non-profit organization, and a true passion for movies and music. “With the not-so-nice celebrity news, I wanted to focus on only “the GOOD stuff.” Celebrities have made a career entertaining us through movies, music & television, and we all enjoy watching our favorite movie and listening to our favorite music, so let’s be a little kinder to the people who bring us entertainment. Besides didn’t your mother ever teach you if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all,”the GOOD stuff!”
Kim Goedde is originally from Michigan and is now living in South Florida with her two daughters-Olivia & Claire. Kim Goedde is the founder of The Look for Success a non-profit organization that continues to teach Kim & her daughters the importance of helping others and giving to the world around us.
Kimz Hollywood List is dedicated to celebrating only the ‘positive’ things celebrities do.


Kim Goedde is also the author of The Hollywood List.


The Hollywood List: How an Ordinary Girl Followed Her Extraordinary Dreams