4th of July in Malibu

Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear in Malibu

 For the past few years for the 4th of July holiday I have been going to Malibu and bump into Jim Carrey on our walk down the Malibu Beach but this year there was no sign of Jim. The walk this year started out with stepping into a tar ball that had washed up on the beach something I have never experienced before. I tried pulling it off with my hand and now had tar stuck to my fingers. I wasn’t sure what my next step would be with crowds of people and parties in the back of every house. I scouted the decks of each house as we passed deciding what to do. I decided on a lady standing on her deck with just another girl and no big party. I walked up and showed her my foot telling the story. She said I am Italian and know the exact remedy. She came back with a big bottle of olive oil and paper towels and within a few minutes the tar ball was off my fingers and foot. Thank you nice lady! I wasn’t sure I would see any celebrities this year especially the way the day had started out. We continued our walk and I looked up and saw Heather Locklear. I had a chance to introduce myself and my daughters and talk for a few minutes. While we were talking out walks Jack Wagner who I will always remember as Frisco on General Hospital. Another perfect 4th of July in Malibu!

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