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I most remember David Arquette from one of my favorite movies Never Been Kissed. With a list of movie credits and a family of successful actors David is definitely a name in Hollywood. One of the funniest guys I have ever seen David is now on to his next endeavor as owner of the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, Bootsy Bellows.

Bootsy Bellows is named after David’s late mother Brenda. “The club’s name is the same as the one used when she was a pin-up model and dancer in New York City in the 1960s,” says David.

Bootsy Bellows is not only the hottest nightclub in Los Angeles but a place where Hollywood’s A list celebrities and Saudi Arabian royalty get to experience a unique, magical performance that includes puppets by Scott Land for the evening either Tuesday or Friday night.

“I’ve always loved puppets, my grandfather left me some puppets and just been something I always played with,” says David.

David’s new club has been open less than a month and has already entertained Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts and Lindsay Lohan just to name a few.

While spending 4th of July in Malibu recently I had the honor of interviewing David Arquette who shared how it felt to be a part of Hollywood’s hottest night spot and went on to share his positivity with the long list of charity work he does which includes fighting child hunger with Ecomom.

Keep your eye out for David’s new TV pilot, The Smart One.

For more on the puppet master Scott Land visit www.thepuppetman.com

For more on David’s cause visit www.ecomom.com

You can follow David Arquette on Twitter at www.twitter.com/davidarquette

And David I promise not to throw toilet paper in your car again next time!

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