Clint Eastwood Makes History!

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Clint Eastwood at 2012 RNC in Tampa, Florida.

When a celebrity talks, people listen and the country did just that when Clint Eastwood spoke at the 2012 RNC on Thursday night. His speech ended with a line from Dirty Harry, “go ahead, make my day!”

I admit I missed my chance to meet Mr. Eastwood this summer. While I was on a roller coaster ride at the Santa Monica Pier Clint was in and out of my favorite restaurant and little shopping plaza-Nobu at the Malibu Country Mart. I heard all about it later. Clint is one of the greatest talents in the entertainment industry and he even made a movie in my home state of Michigan- Gran Torino. Maybe next time!

Clint Eastwood will star in a new film due out later this month, Trouble with the Curve. Eastwood plays an aging baseball scout. Realizing that he is slowly losing his eyesight, he decides that it’s time to retire, deciding to take a road trip down to Atlana for one last scouting mission. His daughter, played by Amy Adams, decides to go with him and the two of them grow closer over the course of the trip. Justin Timberlake and John Goodman also star in the movie.

Trouble With the Curve hits theaters September 21st.



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