Celebrity Publicist Launches Muffin’s Halo

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Silvie and Muffin Bordeaux with Muffin's Halo

Silvie Bordeaux originally from Canada is a Celebrity Publicist in Los Angeles, California and now even more important the Founder of Muffin’s Halo named after her sweet poodle and designed for an angel. Silvie’s 12 year-old poodle Muffin went blind last year due to cataracts and Muffin started bumping into walls, falling down stairs and was just plain scared. Silvie knew she had to do something quick to make Muffin’s life easier and created Muffin’s Halo.

Muffin’s Halo was designed out of love and its mission is to help blind and visually impaired dogs to get around so they don’t bump into things or be afraid. This innovative creation will change the lives of blind and visually impaired dogs globally forever and has already changed the lives of Silvie and Muffin Bordeaux.

“I was stunned to find out how many dogs are abandoned or put down because they go blind. Muffin’s Halo can now save the lives of many dogs! It no longer has to be painful for the dogs and their owners, as I have a great solution to help this transition. It is my greatest wish that we improve the lives of as many blind dogs as possible!”

For more on Silvie’s life saving dog product visit www.muffinshalo.com


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