Matthew McConaughey Dad to All Kids

Matthew McConaughey Just Keeps Livin!

Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila delivered their third child, a baby boy this morning in Austin, Texas. Matthew is all about family and goes out of his way to help make a difference in the lives of kids ages 12-18 through his foundation Just Keep Livin.

Just Keep Livin helps kids live healthier lives through after school fitness and wellness programs in schools throughout California, Louisiana and Texas where there is the greatest need.


The j.k. livin Story

While filming DAZED AND CONFUSED, Matthew McConaughey was struggling with the passing of his father when he was overtaken by a saying that would soon change his life.

That saying was “just keep livin” or “j.k. livin” as its now called. His father “Pop” is the man stenciled in our logo in remembrance of its origin. As life continued forward, he found that the j.k. livin approach to each day helped him navigate through the good times and bad, stay true to his ideals along the way and make the best out of this adventure we call life.

Realizing that j.k. livin applies to all facets of life, Matthew established j.k.  livin productions in order to “make a living with my life and have a life with how I make a living”. This state of mind has proved to be successful and j.k. livin has since expanded into a record label, a lifestyle brand, and a foundation.

Matthew decided to start the j.k. livin foundation because part of livin is about givin back. In addition to creating things you love with the people you love,”I firmly believe in helping others and in being a good neighbor.”

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