Andy Garcia Plays Sexy Grandfather

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Andy Garcia, Rob the Mob

Andy Garcia is remembered for his role as Vincent Mancini in mafia movie The Godfather : Part III. More than twenty years later Andy Garcia comes full circle and stars in the latest mafia movie Rob the Mob as Big Al.

Andy Garcia debuted his latest film Rob the Mob over the weekend at the 2014 Miami International Film Festival.

From Godfather to Grandfather in Rob the Mob…Andy plays grandfather to little Robbie played by adorable 10 year old Luke Fava and based on his own mistakes offers his words of wisdom while teaching Robbie how to make his signature dish “with love.”

Speaking of love Andy Garcia has been married to wife Marivi Lorido Garcia for 32 years. He admitted he proposed to his wife the moment he laid eyes on her. “It wasn’t even a date, it was just an encounter.”

He married in 1982, before he hit it big in Hollywood, his wife stuck by his side through feast and famine.

Rob the Mob also stars Ray Romano and hits theaters March 21st.

Andy Garcia’s next project Hemingway & Fuentes is expected to begin filming this summer. Andy will direct and star in the film.


Did you know…

Andy Garcia’s birthday is April 12th. Andy was born with a conjoined twin the size of a softball on his shoulder and had to have it surgically removed which left no memory and only a scar. Andy is in a jazz band called The Cineson All Stars and has even toured Italy. And he named his production company after his band, Cineson Productions.


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