Molly Ringwald Receives First Award

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Molly Ringward Presented with Vanguard Award

Molly Ringwald was presented with the Vanguard Award by Variety Magazine last night at the Miami Film Festival. Molly’s husband Panio Gianopoulos and twins, Adele and Roman were also present to witness her honor. Molly admitted this was her first award ever and said she wasn’t expecting to give a speech so she had nothing prepared as the audience chuckled.

The award ceremony was followed by a sitdown Q & A where Molly gave insight into how life felt during the release of her 80’s movies sharing that Sixteen Candles was not a huge hit at the time and only became successful later. Molly also confessed she still wants to play a villain maybe even a super villain. Molly said she has been acting since she was three years old and always knew since she was little this is what she wanted to do-acting, theater, singing, author. When Molly was asked what she would want to do if she wasn’t doing this Molly looked to her twins and replied, “a psychologist, a therapist.

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