Kim Delaney Reunites to End an Era

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Kim Delaney Reunites to End an Era

Kim Delaney reunited with her co-star Laurence Lau today on The View. Jenny Gardner and Greg Nelson had one of the greatest love stories of all time. Today the last episode of All My Children aired ending an era but with a happy reunion. Kim stars on the Lifetime television show Army Wives and is very involved in charity work benefitting military wives and their families.

Kim Delaney Helps Real Military Wives

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Kim Delaney, “Army Wives” star and The Look for Success help real life military and army wives tomorrow in Charleston where the television show is filmed. Kim Delaney got her start on All My Children and went on to become a successful prime time television actress on NYPD Blue and has starred in many television…Read full story

Kelly Ripa at “Cop Out” Premiere

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Kelly Ripa attends the ” Cop Out” movie premiere with husband Mark Consuelo. The premiere was at the AMC theater in NYC. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo first met on All My Children where they got their start along with Kim Delaney star of Army Wives.