Julia Roberts in “Larry Crowne”

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Julia Roberts at LA Premiere "Larry Crowne"

Julia Roberts was at the premiere of the new movie “Larry Crowne” yesterday in Los Angeles. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks are the stars of this dramatic comedy written by Tom and Nia Vardalos. Larry Crowne hits theaters July 1st. For movie times visit www.moviefone.com

Nia and Ian Together Again

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Nia Vardalos and husband Ian Gomez were in The Grove yesterday to talk candidly with Extra host Mario Lopez about her upcoming appearance tonight on Cougar Town. Nia is best known for her huge hit movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but what you…Read full story

Julia Roberts & Her Sister at Tribeca

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Julia Roberts and her older sister Lisa Roberts Gillan attended the 10th Annual Tribeca Film Festival yesterday in NYC.  The two sisters came for the “Jesus Henry Christ” premiere. Julia is scheduled to appear on dear friend Oprah’s final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on May 25th….Read full story

Tom Hanks Out on the Town

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Tom Hanks was out on the town and at the premiere of his new movie “Toy Story 3” in Los Angeles. Other “Toy Story 3” characters Joan Cusack and Tim Allen also attended the premiere. Tom has also been busy filming the “Larry Crowne” movie which he stars in and directs. He co-wrote the movie with Nia Vardalos. “Toy Story 3” comes out this Friday.

Nia, Rita and “Larry Crowne”

Nia Vardalos is one of the writers of the new film “Larry Crowne” currently filming in Los Angeles. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks watched Nia as the star of the play ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” The two decided to turn it into a movie and it became one of the highest grossing independent films of…Read full story

Nia Vardalos Nominated for “Glee”

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Nia Vardalos is currently working on the set and helped write the new Tom Hanks movie “Larry Crowne.”  What you may not have know is Nia has a Facebook page to nominate her for “Glee.”  “Glee” has been growing in popularity with all the fun songs we always loved and a great story line. Lets nomintate Nia! Nia Vardalos starred in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” which originally started out as a play she wrote…Read full story

Tom Hanks and Nia Vardalos Team Up

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Tom Hank’s recent movie project is “Larry Crowne.” Tom and Nia Vardalos wrote the movie and Tom will also star in the movie along with Julia Roberts. Nia wrote “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” I Hate Valentine’s Day” and helped re-write “My Life in Ruins.” Tom Hanks will also be directing the movie. The movie is a comedy about a man forced to reinvent himself and find a new career as he navigates the second act of his life. “Larry…Read full story