Justin Bieber Back to Canada

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Justin Bieber attended the 2010 Juno Awards in Canada over the weekend. Justin is originally from Canada and at  just 16 he is already at the top of the charts. “Baby” is one of his songs that got him to the top. Justin recently recorded a song with Sean Kingston “Eenie Meenie,” and already his new song is at the top of the charts.

Justin Bieber at Nickelodeon Awards

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Justin Bieber was nominated and attended the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber recently turned 16 and is at the top of the charts with several songs including “Baby.” His teen fans and crowd at the Nickelodeaon Awards are some of his biggest supporters. Recently Justin recorded a duet with Sean Kingston who will headline his summer tour.

Justin Bieber in NYC

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Justin Bieber was in NYC and stopped by the David Letterman show, Late Night with David Letterman last night. Justin Bieber is only 16 and his songs “One Time” and “Baby” have made him a huge star. Justin Bieber recently announced his big plans for a 40 city summer tour and his special guest and opening act will be Sean Kingston. This is Justin’s first ever headliner tour.

Justin Bieber at Q102

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Justin Bieber stopped by a Pennsylvania radio station to talk on the radio and meet his fans. Justin Bieber just turned 16 and is doing well with his music career especially among teen girls. “Baby” is one of Justin Bieber’s most popular songs and his latest project and song with Sean Kingston is sure to be another hit, stay tuned for more Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston, “Eenie Meenie”

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston have been working hard in the studio on their most recent project, “Eenie Meenie,” a song destined to be a hit. Justin Bieber turned 16 on March 1st and is ready to launch his most recent collaborative song due out any day. Sean Kingston is known for his songs Beautiful Girls and Fire Burning which made him famous and most recently he has written hits for…Read full story