Matt Damon Stands Up 2 Cancer

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Matt Damon Stands Up 2 Cancer

Matt Damon took the stage opening the Stand Up to Cancer hour long benefit last night and proudly stood up to cancer in honor of his Dad – Kent who is a cancer survivor. Matt’s Dad was diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

Standing Up to Cancer next to Matt was Michael Douglas who is a throat cancer survivor. Gwyneth Paltrow also took the stage in honor of her Dad-Bruce who she said was the love of her life and who she lost to throat cancer 10 years ago. And Gwyneth’s husband Chris Martin of Coldplay appeared on the…Read full story

Abigail Breslin “Stands Up To Cancer”

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Abigail Breslin is 14 years old and participated with many other celebrities in the televised “Stand Up 2 Cancer” benefit.  She is best known for her role in Little Miss Sunshine and has gone to do many other movies. Abigail Breslin’s latest film projects are Janie Jones and Vengeance : A Love Story.

Christina “Stands Up To Cancer”

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Christina Applegate joined many celebrities yesterday for the televised “Stand Up 2 Cancer” benefit. Christina is a breast cancer survivor and was one of the first on television at the benefit. Christina recently got engaged to Martyn Lenoble and announced she is expecting a baby. Christina Applegate has a breast cancer foundation, Right Action for Women teamed up earlier this year with It’s a 10 hair care.

Nia And Justin “Stand Up 2 Cancer”

Nia Vardalos and Dave Annable aka Justin Walker, Stand Up Two Cancer.  Christina Applegate, a breast cancer survivor was front and center along with Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa. Nia and Dave were among many other celebrities joining the major networks for one hour to raise funds for cancer through Stand Up Two Cancer. For more information and to donate visit