Tyler Perry is Alex Cross

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Tyler Perry is Alex Cross

Tyler Perry went from comedic Madea to Alex Cross, detective and psychologist. He is the male version of the Oprah success story, a real rags to riches. Tyler has built an entertainment empire of successful films against all odds suffering from a childhood filled with abuse.

Tyler is multi-talented- an actor, director, screen writer, playwright, producer, author and songwriter who went from homelessness to top grossing movie star.

I love Tyler Perry, his story and his friends Oprah…Read full story

Tyler Perry Debuts New Madea

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Tyler Perry was at the Los Angeles premiere for his new movie Madea’s Big Happy Family earlier this week. He stars as Mabel in the hilarious comedy Madea series. Tyler Perry was  inspired by Oprah Winfrey to channel his creativity through writing, Tyler started writing as a method of healing the wounds from a painful childhood. “Madea’s Big Happy Family” came out…Read full story

Oprah Attends NYC Gala

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Oscar De La Renta and Oprah Winfrey
Oscar De La Renta and Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey and Oscar De La Renta attended the Costume Gala  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Oprah and Tyler Perry were Executive Producers for the movie “Precious” which received an Academy Award earlier this year. She has decided 2011 will be the last season for the Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah hasn’t decided what she will…Read full story

Janet Jackson & Tyler’s New Movie

Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson radiate on and off screen. Janet and Tyler have been making the talk show rounds in NYC and LA with the movie premiere last night. “Why Did I Get Married Too” is the second project together for Tyler and Janet, touching some real life issues. Janet Jackson started her career in acting as Penny on the television…Read full story

Janet Jackson Visits Jay Leno

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Janet Jackson stopped by the Jay Leno Show last night to talk about her new movie, Why Did I get Married Too. The movie was directed by Tyler Perry and Tyler also stars in the movie with Janet and Jill Scott. The movie is in theaters April 2nd.

Mo’Nique Wins First Oscar

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Robin Williams helped Mo’Nique carry her Oscar trophy. Mo’Nique won best supporting actress for her role in “Precious.” This is Mo’Nique’s first Academy Award. Mo’Nique payed tribute to Hattie McDaniel with her blue dress. Hattie was the first black actress to win in 1939 for her performance in Gone with the Wind.

Tyler Perry Oscar Presenter

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Tyler Perry was a presenter at last night’s 82nd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey both attended on behalf of their project and movie “Precious.” Mo’Nique won for best supporting actress for her role in “Precious.” Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married Too” comes out next month starring himself and Janet Jackson.

Mariah Carey Presents Spirit Award

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Mariah Carey presented at the “25th Annual Independent Spirit Awards” in Los Angeles. Mariah Carey is famous for her music and songs but recently showed her acting talents in the movie “Precious.” Mariah was part of this recent Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey project about abuse and based on the book “Push.” Stay tuned to see Mariah on Oscar night at the Academy Awards. Feel free to comment.