Be Creative With Cheryl Fudge

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Liev Schreiber in Cheryl Fudge store Santa Monica

4th of July in Malibu last year I stumbled across a treasure and a treat, the Cheryl Fudge booth in the Malibu Country Mart. Later during the trip I got to experience the actual Cheryl Fudge store in Santa Monica where both my daughter and niece designed their own hair bows and I will confess I have been stopping by on every trip since including this year during 4th of July weekend. 
When you arrive you are greeted personally by Cheryl the fashion designer and inspiration behind the Cheryl Fudge store. You start by picking out a clothing item from head bands to scarves to shirts and next you are on your way to becoming a fashion designer. I have never seen so many creative, fun and interesting things  to make your fashion designing experience special. Not only is everything in the store super cute and reasonably priced everything is recycled using existing fabrics and materials. The Cheryl Fudge store attracts people of all ages and every now and again a celebrity siting. For more information visit

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