Nadya Suleman Exclusive Interview

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Nadya Suleman

     Most of us if any can’t imagine what it would be like raising 14 children. Nadya Suleman was able to make time this week to do a phone interview. Nadya recently turned 36 and shared what turning another year older meant to her.

Q: What did turning another year older mean to you?

A: More learning and growing.

Q: As a mother of so many, what advice or tip that has helped you would you give to other mothers?

A:  There were so many things Nadya has learned but she shared one that she felt was really important,” that in order for your kids to really love you they need to respect you.”

Q: What’s the hardest thing about being a single Mom for you?

A: Nadya answered with the hardest thing in general, “the death threats and stalkers.” A terrible thing for anyone to have to go through especially a mother with children.

Q: What is something people don’t know about you already that you want them to know?

A: “That I worked taking crisis calls. My kids are my top priority.” Nadya unfortunately has had to learn to cope with people prematurely judging her and confessed she still likes to seek out the good. The name the media has given her Octomom is something she gives no thought to because it is not who she is and feels it is only a cartoon created that never materialized.

Q: What or who has helped you stay positive?

A: My older kids and a girl named Selena who I was very close to and practically raised.

Q: What do you do to unwind?

A: “I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and run 11 miles on the treadmill. I drive around alone in my 15 seater metal contrapsion blasting the radio and dancing , my kids get embarrassed when I dance when they are with me.” I can relate I love blasting my favorite songs in the car too and dancing which lately has been to the new Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks song. 

      Nadya Suleman doesn’t believe in self pity and says that nothing else matters but your family. She takes everyday and life as it comes. She has written a book on her own so expect to see it out in the future once she finishes the last chapters. With the obesity epidemic and her new career in fitness Nadya says her dream is to be an advocate for fitness in the world of children and open a gym for kids with dance fitness someday.

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