Nadya Suleman Wins the Fight!



Nadya Suleman was in Ft. Lauderdale last night for a celebrity boxing match and she won! In case you don’t know Nadya she became a media sensation when she was pregnant with and delivered octuplets two years ago. She is now an advocate for health and fitness and hopes to one day open a fitness center for kids.

When I asked Nadya what she does to unwind when we did a phone interview a few weeks ago her answer, dancing to music while driving in my 15 seater metal contraption without the kids since they get embarrassed. Last night I had the opportunity to ask what kind of music she likes to listen to. Nadya’s answer, “Tupoc, Janis Joplin, Beatles and John Lennon.” Nadya says she prefers music over television and confessed she hasn’t television watched in almost a decade.

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