Miami Gets Justin “Bieber” Fever

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Justin Bieber embarked on Miami last week and the teens and parents of the teens haven’t slept since, me included. I was having a birthday sleepover for my 11 year old daughter Claire with 5 of her 6th grade friends when Max decided to share the whereabouts of Justin Bieber, that’s where it began.

And it ended at The Hit Factory in North Miami Beach, where we joined at least 100 other teens many who had been camped out just to get a glimpse of Justin Bieber.

For days teens have been posting photos and the whereabouts of the biebs all over facebook and twitter including his trip yesterday to the Aventura Mall.

Justin Bieber is in Miami recording his new album “Believe” with Timbaland. Lil Wayne stopped by the Hit Factory studio Wednesday night and is said to be working on a song for the new album.

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