Lynn Tilton, A True American Legend!

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While participating in the Living Legends of Aviation event last year I learned about a woman named Lynn Tilton but had missed my chance to interview her. I was fascinated by her story, success and the fact that she is doing it all meaning running 76 companies and 120,000 employees as a single mom. This shining star of the financial world has taken failing American companies and brought them back to the brink of oblivion.

Tilton’s unique approach to corporate restructuring has saved over 250,000 jobs. Her tireless dedication has helped preserve the American dream! Her passion and devotion is a positive story that inspires us to look beyond the simplest route, challenge our creativity and do something great.

So when I saw Tilton this year at the “Living Legends of Aviation,”  an event where people come together simply for the love of aviation, I stopped her on the red carpet. I wanted to learn more about this remarkable woman who’s helping to revive our economy one job at a time.

In my interview with Tilton, she told me what motivates her and the secret behind her success. Of course, since we were at the “Living Legends of Aviation,” I had to ask her about travel and her favorite destination. Her answer-New Zealand. “If God lives somewhere it’s in New Zealand,” Tilton said with a smile. I wanted to hear more from this incredibly dynamic woman, but sadly we ran out of time.

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