Nia Vardalos Helps Get Kids Adopted

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Nia Vardalos 4th of July in Malibu

I grew up in Michigan and downtown Detroit’s Greektown strip was the hotspot for drive-bys and food each and every summer. Then My Big Fat Greek Wedding came along, an amazingly fun and real movie centered around Nia Vardalos’ Greek culture and heritage.

Nia Vardalos’ talent extends far beyond My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Nia keeps writing successful movies and is now a bestselling author, wife, mother and spokesperson for national adoption. Her bestselling book Instant Mom tells the detailed story of Nia’s journey and road to Hollywood success as an actress, writer, wife and mother.

Nia and her book Instant Mom continue to inspire women and mothers around the globe giving many the opportunity to meet her and share their own personal stories and struggles to motherhood.

Nia’s book made me laugh and cry. The book gives you insight on how funny and real she is. Nia never took no for an answer from Hollywood or on becoming a Mom. Nia shows us that dreams really do come true if you believe!

Nia’s biggest goal with Instant Mom has been to help get kids adopted. The first morning Nia left to start her book tour her daughter whispered in her ear,”go get some kids adopted.”

Nia’s latest project partnering with Paramount Pictures to write, produce and star in Leftovers.” It’s an anti-romantic comedy making fun of my movies that say that every woman, me, can make out with John Corbett; ya that happens.” Leftovers will be released in 2014.

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