Katy Perry Brings Grandma to Smurfs 2

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Katy Perry and Grandma

Katie Perry stars in Smurfs 2 and last night she took her adorable grandma to the Hollywood premiere. She plays Smurfette in the sequel. Katy recently promoted the movie with an appearance on the Jay Leno Show in a smurf blue dress.

Besides starring in the latest children’s movie Katy Perry has a new album Prism to be released October 22nd.

Smurfs 2 will hit theaters July 31st.

You can follow Katy Perry on Twitter at www.twitter.com/katyperry


Did you know…

Katy Perry loves cats earning her the nickname KatyKat and even naming her perfume Meow. Proving how much she loves cats and dogs Katy donated California Dreams Tour proceeds to the Humane Society.

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