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I grew up in a small town in Michigan, Wixom so I think I am considered a small town girl. It isn’t often, if ever you would see a celebrity or Drew Barrymore passing through my small town.

Just like everyone else I fell in love with the little girl who starred in Steven Spielberg’s movie E.T. and those who may not know Steven Spielberg is Drew’s Godfather and a positive influence and mentor in her life. Over the years we have witnessed her ups and downs. And in the past two years Drew is definitely on the upside! Drew married Will Kopelman in 2012, delivered two beautiful baby girls-Olive and Frankie, launched Flower Cosmetics, Barrymore Wines and released a New York Times bestseller book “Find It In Everything,” wow!

Most recently Blended, a romantic comedy with her on screen love Adam Sandler hit theaters and just three weeks after giving birth this hot momma was out promoting her new movie and hit the LA red carpet.

Last week my dream of meeting Drew Barrymore came true when I found out I had won tickets to the Hollywood, California Blended movie premiere. I flew out to Los Angeles with my daughter Olivia to celebrate my May 20th birthday followed by the movie premiere and the privilege of meeting Drew. Although it was quick there was just enough time to tell Drew about my “positive only” celebrity news site, introduce her to my daughter Olivia and give her a little gift bag with some flower heart seeds, a heart holiday LED light that changes colors-red, green and blue and my signature item for the website-a miniature toilet paper, “wipe away the negative news.” What a moment, thank you Drew!

Four years ago when I launched this “positive only” celebrity news site I always thought if Drew knew about the site she would appreciate its meaning since she is always so positively positive.

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