The Old Man Makes a Splash

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Jeff Bridges and Amy Brenneman at The Old Man premiere.

“The Old Man” makes a splash in time for summer. Just when you thought there was nothing left to watch on television, a new must see show appears. The Old Man series premiered on the FX network June 16th just in time for summer and definitely delivers with its cast of celebrity superstars leading with Jeff Bridges, Amy Brenneman and John Lithgow. The first episode eases you in and slowly unravels the plot. Each episode pulls you in a little further, with just four episodes out and three more to go, and leaves you hooked wanting more. Thankfully this suspenseful thriller has been picked up for a second season.

Jeff Bridges plays a former CIA operative Dan Chase with a dangerous past who is forced on the run with his two loyal dogs by his side. His recently deceased wife and daughter are main parts of the plot. A new love Zoe McDonald played by Amy Brenneman gets tangled in his future while renting him a room. FBI Assistant Director, John Lithgow plays Harold Harper, who is assigned to bring him in.

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