Madonna Is Back!

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Madonna Is Back!

In case you didn’t know Madonna and I are both from Michigan. The “Material Girl” is about to release her new film titled W.E. This will be Madonna’s second directorial debut. She also co-wrote the film.

W.E. is centered around King Edward the VIII’s romance with Wallis Simpson, the woman he gave up the thrown for and married in 1936. W.E. stands for the initials Wallis and Edward which is how they ended each of their letters to eachother.

“I never saw it as a simple love story’, explains Madonna. Nor is it particularly sentimental. I think love is impossible…Read full story

Madonna Celebrates 53!

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Madonna Celebrates 53!

Madonna turns 53 today and celebrated her birthday this weekend in the Hamptons with her boyfriend. Looking back at the years Madonna’s songs certainly made a difference to the face of music and today she has plenty to celebrate. After adopting two children from Malawi Madonna decided to launch a non-profit organization to offer ongoing assistance to the people of Malawi She launched a series of children’s books and last year launched a clothing line with daughter Lourdes-Material Girl For more on Madonna visit And follow on Twitter at

Lourdes Leon at Harry Potter Premiere

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Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon attended the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film last night in NYC. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” follows Harry and Hermione as they search for the piece of Voldemort’s soul. The movie comes out nationwide this Friday, November 19th. For more information visit Check…Read full story

Madonna Launches “Material Girl”

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Madonna launched her new clothing line for juniors, “Material Girl” yesterday at Macy’s in NYC. Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Leon walked the red carpet and talked about her new fashion line. Madonna is also in New York filming a new film she wrote and is directing, “W.E.”