Matt Damon at “His Way”

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Matt Damon at "His Way" Los Angeles premiere

Matt Damon attended the premiere of “His Way” recently in Los Angeles. Matt Damon stars in “The Adjustment Bureau” an action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and ends with romance. “His Way” will air April 4th on HBO. For more on Matt Damon visit

Matt and Luciana For Valentine’s Day

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Matt Damon and wife Luciana were in NYC for Valentine’s Day for the premiere of Matt’s new movie “The Adjustment Bureau.” Matt welcomed a 4th daughter Stella to their household in October. “The Adjustment Bureau” also stars Emily Blunt and hits theaters March 4th. For more on Matt visit

Matt and Robert Reunited

Matt Damon presented Robert Deniro with the Cecil B. DeMile Award at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday in Beverly Hills. The two starred together in “The Good Shepherd.” Robert joked to Matt that it wouldn’t be too long before he is receiving the award. Robert is seen in the latest Fockers movie…Read full story