Robert Pattinson Rings the Bell

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Robert Pattinson Rings the Bell

Robert Pattinson rang the opening bell yesterday morning at the New York Stock Exchange. He was all smiles and probably pretty tired after having walked the red carpet the night before for the premiere of his new movie Cosmopolis.

Cosmopolis is greek for “universe city” or “order city.” This drama thriller takes Robert Pattinson’s character Eric on a ride both philosophical and physical through a 24 hour bunch of occurrences across NYC in a limo.

Robert Pattinson’s last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out November 16th where sadly we will…Read full story

Breaking Dawn Stars Reunite

Breaking Dawn Stars Reunite

Last night was the LA premiere of the latest Twighlight movie-Breaking Dawn Part 1. Not only were the Twilight stars on the black carpet but many others were there to preview the new movie including Heather Locklear and daughter Ava Sambora, Rob Lowe and his wife, Melissa Joan Hart and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The anticipation is almost over with only a few days to go until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters. Kristen Stewart joked on the black carpet about co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson describes their first onscreen intimate encounter using the word…Read full story

Breaking Dawn Stars Get Printed

Breaking Dawn Stars Get Printed

It feels like November 18th is a lifetime away as I wait with many others for the new Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and to see Bella, Edward and Jacob come together again for another episode of their intense entangled vampire and non vampire romance. Yesterday in Hollywood, California Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were honored with a Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Bella & Edward in Breaking Dawn Part 2

I admit it I am a big Twilight fan and on Team Edward although I did get to see Taylor Lautner at the Miami Dolphins season game opener in Miami. My daughter Olivia is Team Jacob and was so glad she got to see Taylor. For a minute I considered changing teams but after watching the new trailer I must stay on Team Edward. I can hardly wait until November 18th.

Robert Pattinson in Berlin

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Robert Pattinson was in Berlin earlier today promoting his new movie “Water for Elephants.” He is best known as Edward Cullen star of the Twilight movies. In Water for Elephants Robert plays opposite Reese Witherspoon. The two have sort of a forbidden romance going on in the movie giving it a similar feel to the romance in Titanic between characters played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo…Read full story

Reese and Robert at NYC Premiere

Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson at NYC Premiere, "Water for Elephants"

Reese Witherspoon makes her first appearance since getting married on the red carpet alongside Twilight super star Robert Pattinson. Both were at the NYC premiere of their new movie Water for Elephants. Based on the New York Times bestseller “Water for Elephants” presents an unexpected romance between Robert and Reese’s characters through their compassion for a special elephant. The movie comes…Read full story

Breaking Dawn Star, Tracey Heggins

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Tracey Heggins is a star on the rise giving an exceptional performance in the latest 50 Cent movie “Things Fall Apart.”  The movie made its world premiere last night at the 2011 Miami International Film Festival. KimzHollywoodList was there to talk to Tracey first where she also shared how it was working with 50 Cent.  In the movie Tracey’s character Sharon falls for the womanizing college football star brother played by 50 Cent instead of the brother who is good for to later find out the one she has fallen for is dying from cancer.

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Ashley aka Alice Cullen Celebrates 24

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Ashley Greene best known as Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies celebrated her 24th birthday over the weekend in Las Vegas with boyfriend Joe Jonas. February is “Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month” and Ashley is showing her support for this cause. Ashley is currently filming the latest Twilight movie Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.  For more on Ashley Greene follow her on Twitter at