George Clooney is a “Descendant”

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George Clooney gives us a tear jerking performance in his recent movie “The Descendants.”  The story line keeps it real bringing on so many emotions at the same time. George’s wife is in a coma while he is trying to figure out how to raise their two daughters and at the same time decide whether to sell inherited land in Hawaii among his family members.

One of George’s daughters is played by Shailene Woodley from the popular ABC Family television show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

My daughter Olivia and I recently dined at the table next to George Clooney in Malibu. After waiting an extra hour after dinner I almost got to meet George but no I decided to stop and talk to the hostess on the way out. I felt it was obvious we were waiting and didn’t want to not be allowed back in the restaurant so my window slammed shut. Not sure I will ever get the chance to meet again but hey I had a nice conversation with the hostess instead of George Clooney. Who does that?

KimzHollywoodList wants to congratulate George Clooney on his Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination!

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