Nia Vardalos Directs and Stars in Latest Sequel

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The Portokalos family is back for a family reunion in Greece. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 brings you happiness, sadness and most important, laughter and family. An uncertain family reunion with twists and turns that in the end comes together perfectly.

Nia Vardalos directs, writes and stars in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Somehow she manages to juggle it all for her third sequel. Nia’s brilliant writing pulls on your heart strings with such relatable content. “The audience goes, ‘I have a crazy family too!’,” says Vardalos, who has written and starred in all three Wedding films and directs the third one.

The new Wedding is even bigger, fatter and Greek-er than the others, taking the whole Portokalos extended clan (with most of the original actors) back to the homeland for a family reunion in Athens. Filming on location in Greece, says Vardalos, was amazing, like swimming in “the fountain of youth.” 

“I’m in a relationship with now, who I met in the most romantic way possible—in Greece—after filming.”

Nia’s charitable passions are two things that keep her connected to society, she says. “I try to get kids adopted,” spreading awareness that adoption is a wonderful way to build or grow a family adopting her own daughter Ilaria in 2008 as a three-year-old from the foster care system. “And I talk to people about writing, mentoring writers and encouraging people to write. Those are the two worlds that make me feel whole.”

Make sure to go see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 and tell a friend. Go Greek or go home!

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