Nadya Suleman Wins the Fight!

Nadya Suleman Wins the Fight!



Nadya Suleman was in Ft. Lauderdale last night for a celebrity boxing match and she won! In case you don’t know Nadya she became a media sensation when she was pregnant with and delivered octuplets two years ago. She is now an advocate for health and fitness and hopes to one day open a fitness center for kids.

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Nadya Suleman Exclusive Interview

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Nadya Suleman

     Most of us if any can’t imagine what it would be like raising 14 children. Nadya Suleman was able to make time this week to do a phone interview. Nadya recently turned 36 and shared what turning another year older meant to her.

Q: What did turning another year older mean to you?

A: More learning and growing.

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